Parrots in Paradise

Do you want to know more and see some of the gorgeous Parrots in Paradise (a not for profit business) situated at 2 Barrs Road, Glasshouse Mountains Qld.

Opening Hours are 10 am to 3 pm.  Shows are held on certain days – for information either telephone Dail Malins on 07 5438 7719 or email or checkout their website:

Checkout videos of Whoppa, an Eclectus parrot who’s full of fun and sometimes a bit cheeky.  Click on the link to videos on the website:  Whoppa wants everyone to know who he is – and you’ll get a sneak peak of one of the shows most vivacious chatterboxes.

You can Picnic with the Parrots – the Verandah’s are ready for visitors to come and have a picnic with the parrots.  This is an all new concept where you can come and have lunch in the company of a number of parrots – some of which will invite themselves to share your lunch.  Because of the catering involved, you will need to book in advance. 

To see Parrots in Paradise online check out the Channel 10’s show Totally Wild (Season 22, Episode 12 – from 04:35 to 08:08) – see video link:

Parrots in Paradise are a registered Sanctuary and in order to look after the many birds charges do apply.  Also as we are extremely busy caring for some 400 birds and are not always available – Bookings are Essential.

 One of the many things they do is to take-in unwanted, lost or surrendered parrots, some of which  have had miserable lives, some well-loved, and some even come in having been hurt in some way.

One of our most important functions is to find a new home that is planning to adopt for the long term.

If you are interested in Adopting one of these lovely intelligent creatures there are several things to consider first.

  • The bird you intend to adopt needs time and attention from you.
  • It will need the very best of food specific for the bird ie not food that is no-longer suitable for human consumption – it needs to be the best.
  • And of course – clean fresh water as often as possible.
  • The housing is important too – the larger the better- particularly if the bird will be spending time on its own.  Another good item to have is a play area for the bird, separate from its cage, as birds don’t like to stay permanently where they sleep.
  • Parrots are no different from a young child and need to be stimulated constantly with games, books, puzzles, and toys that make noise.  A person adopting a bird needs to know they are taking on a 5 year old child for possibly 60 years!
  • Depending on the species, most NEED to chew and destroy items, as their beak is made up of a material exactly like our nails, and in order to keep the beak trimmed to the correct shape – they have to chew.
  • Parrots must have company and constant stimulation.  If you are not available, then a second bird is the best answer.

As with all animals for adoption, there is an adoption charge in order to defray costs, this depends on the parrot.  If you are interested we prefer that you to come up and visit – and perhaps make a friend while you are here.

Books:  Dail is constantly being asked advice, and now she has put together a book. “Talking Parrots” this book covers 48 years of experience with birds and if you are looking for a companion parrot it is worth a read.

Alongside the advice Dail covers the funny side to these marvellous creatures that she refers to as feathered monkeys. The book, like the show, is both entertaining and informative.

A second book has been put together, after many requests, and this is a Coffee Table book, a pictorial souvenir of your visit to Parrots in Paradise.

The funds from both these books are small way of helping towards the, many and rising, costs of caring for all the birds.


Environmental Party – Crystal Waters

Crystal Waters Co-operative present The Environment Party with Rob Longstaff, Noel Gardner and Alex Bridge, the Strangest Dreamers, Irish Joe Lynch, the No Groyners, Tommy Leonard and the Crystal Waters Community Choir.  When:  Saturday 25th November 2017;  Where:  Crystal Waters – with camping and bunkhouse cabin available;  Time:  6 pm to Late; On Sale:  Food, Bar serving Beer & Wine.

Contact Tom – 07 5494 4590     Email:

Click here for the Crystal Waters website

All Door Proceeds to the Sunshine Coast Environment Council.


The Wappa Falls Observatory

Last year the Maleny Visitor Information Centre’s web team promoted the Mapleton Observatory.  This year we wish to tell you about the  Wappa Falls Observatory near Yandina on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland (191 Wappa Falls Road).

This observatory has sixteen (16) telescopes, ranging in size and is one of Queensland’s leading private observatories.

The shows are humorous, fun and informative to suit all ages and can also cater for special needs groups.  The grounds are in a quiet and dark bushland setting.  With over fifty (50) years of experience in astronomy, the observatory has been open for over twenty-seven (27) years.

They also can provide a mobile show which can be taken on the road to schools, camps and other events. They include telescopes, displays, slideshows and more.

The night time show has many activities including viewing through telescopes, a sky tour, an indoor display, a talk and a slideshow.  Even if there are clouds or rain, there is still a lot to do and see.

The day time shows have plenty of things to do as well such as the ten (10) telescopes equipped for safely viewing the sun with 6 different filtering systems (please do not do this without the proper equipment as you could hurt your eyes.

There are 21 online reviews with 82% showing Excellent / Very Good whilst 18% were not keen.  For more information – telephone 07 5446 7944.


The Abbey Open Day and Christmas Boutique Markets

Saturday 18th November 2017 between 10 am to 3 pm
Where:  Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology, 1 – 63 Abbey Place, Caboolture Qld

We are happy to say that this is the third consecutive year for this special event which has become very popular. The day offers free admission the the Abbey Museum, the
Abbey Church is open for tours, and if you’d like a look around St Michael’s College, feel free!  There is no cost for the public to attend and car-parking is also free at the adjacent St. Michael’s car park.  Come along and enjoy a wide variety of specialty stalls selling hand-made crafts for Christmas gifts, have a photo taken with Santa and don’t forget the delicious food! 

Maleny at War

Maleny at War

Discover local WWII history!

Where?  At the Maleny Library – When? 1st to 30 November 2017.

Discover Maleny’s World War II heritage through an exhibition of local memorabilia, imagery and educational displays.

Get involved in a local heritage recipe swap.  Bring in your treasured family recipe and share it with the community.  Free viewing during library opening hours.

Welcome to Maleny Golf Club – now open for play

The Maleny Golf Club, 15 Porters Lane, Maleny, Qld.  Telephone 07 5499 9960 

  • Become a member:  As a full Gold member you will receive a waiver on Green Fees, the opportunity to obtain a Golf Link Handicap and participate in regular competitions or consider joining a Silver member or Bronze supporter.  See our website for more details (link below).
  • Play Golf:  The first nine holes of the Maleny Golf Course are now open for play and visitors are most welcome, so why not come and try our course in the green hills of Maleny.
  • Fixtures:  Check out coming events. We run competitions Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.
  • Latest News:  Keep up to date with all that is happening in and around the club including the latest developments on the construction of the golf course.

For more information click here for the Maleny Golf Club website

Click here to add your review for the Maleny Golf Club on TripAdvisor


Cappriccios Italian Restaurant – Maleny

Cappriccios Italian Restaurant – Maleny

For more information click here to see the website

Buon Appetito!  Cappriccio’s is a family run Italian Restaurant in Maleny, the Heart of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, catering to the locals and tourists since 1995.

They have an extensive menu with varieties of gourmet pizzas, a wide selection of pasta dishes, as well as a variety of fish, chicken, steak and pork dishes.

Pizza dough and sauces are freshly made every day on the premises and they also have a range of gluten free and vegetarian options available.

Live entertainment is provided every second Friday night and offer a warm wood fire in winter and cool air-conditioning in summer.  Come and enjoy the beautiful surroundings, the relaxed ambiance and delicious Italian Cuisine.

Check out the Pizza Menu

Buninkan Ninjutsu – Marshal Arts NinjaS

Discover Self Awareness through Combat & Philosophy, Study, Learn, Grow Achieve amazing balance and confidence by working with soft sword and wooden sticks such as Bokens, Bo, Hand-bo techniques. Boost your internal energy levels with this study.   Men, Women & Children experience this fun shared learning social environment for their understanding of the magic & science of this ancient legendary Samurai & Ninja, living art. Allow yourself to find your mental peace of mind, body & Spirit… Experience the Energy of … “Power without Power” AS A PEACEFUL WARRIOR … Art of Bujinkan Ninjutsu.

Live-Learn-Evolve – Classes for all ages 12 years and above – with whole body movement in training.

Experience the subtle destruction of the attackers balance and rhythm is the primary focus of the Bujinkan Warrior – so fine your inner balance.  Boost your internal energy levels with this study.  Ninjutsu calisthenics awaken awareness to a ‘Whole Body Feeling’ for a Zen Mind.

Combat and Philosophy avoid Bullying Energies!  Channel Budo Bujinkan Taijutsu with great survival skills – learning how to live and meditate like the amazing Samurai with Spirit, Light and Harmony!

Horizon Festival of Art and Culture – Art Trails

While you are exploring the region during the Horizon Festival make sure you visit the many galleries and exhibitions, as well as ephemeral art installations featured as a part of the festival.

Sunshine Coast Hinterland Art Trail

Artisans at the House:  A display of two and three dimensional artworks by local artists.  Date Fri 25 Aug to Sun 3 Sep, Yandina Historic House, 3 Pioneer Rd, Yandina.

Dying to Know – A Journey of Life, Loss and Renewal:  An inter-generational collaboration exploring death and renewal through the eyes of student photographers under the mentorship of master photographer Colin Beard.  Date:  25 Aug to Sun 3 Sep, 2017, Nambour Social, Currie St and Old Ambulance Station, Howard St, Nambour.

Rust & Lace:  An exhibition of wall-hanging assemblages by Nathalie Bastier.  Date Fri 25 Aug to Sun 3 Sep, 2017 (closed Monday), Art on Cairncross, 3 Panorama Place, Maleny.

Sunshine Coast Ar Trail

Patterns in the Landscape:  Manning Daly Art will create patterns in the sand with designs inspired by local plant species, enhancing the spectacular Sunshine Coast beaches.  These large scale creations are drawn directly onto the sand only to be washed away with the tide.  The ephemeral nature of the art is a reminder of the transience of our valuable landscape.  Date:  25 Aug;  Time:  Artists on site 2 pm to 6 pm; Location:  Kings Beach, Caloundra; Price:  Free.

Australis Plasticus:  An Art for ARTsake site specific installation demonstrating the dangers of plastic and litter in marine areas, sending the message that plastic is not welcome in our ocean.  Australis Plasticus, the morphed sea creature, will suspend and crawl from the Coolum Surf Life Saving Tower.  Date:  Fri 25 Aug to Sun 3 Sep, 2017; Time:  Daily; Location: Coolum Surf Life Saving Observation Tower, Coolum;  Price:  Free

Sunshine Coast Art Prize 2017:  A national contemporary exhibition showcasing 40 finalist working in a 2D medium.  Date: Thu 17th Aug to Sun 8 Oct, 2017;  Caloundra Regional Gallery, 22 Omrah Ave, Caloundra.

Maroochy Gunyah – Historical Images of South East Queensland Gunyahs:  A photographic exhibition of traditional Indigenious shelters from the South East Queensland Region.  Date Sat 26 Aug to Sun 27 Aug, 2017.

Standing Here: A beautiful installation comprising of naturally dyed squares of fabric, bringing together the natural dyeing work from communities around Australia.  Date Fri 25 Aug to Sun 3 Sep, 2017, USC Sunshine Coast, 90 Sippy Downs Drive, Sippy Downs.

Japanese Artist in Residence:  Watch Mr Murata, master water colourist and pastel painter.  Date Fri 25 Aug to Sat 2 Sep, 2017 at The Yaroomba Beach Design Centre, 1443 David Low Way, Yaroomba.

Creative Generation – Excellence in Visual Art Awards 2017:  An exhibition showcasing the best of the region’s senior high school artwork.  Date Fri 25 Aug to Sun 3 Sep, 2017, USC Sunshine Coast, 90 Sippy Downs Drive, Sippy Downs.

Wearable Art Exhibition:  A bespoke exhibition of ‘lost arts’ responding to the theme of wearable art.  Date Fri 1 Sep to Sun 3 Sep, 2017 at Caloundra Arts Centre, 5 North St., Caloundra.


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