Fried Mudd Pottery Workshop


More than just Pottery Workshops…

In many ways, Kathy from Fried Mudd Pottery Workshops offers people a safe place to express themselves, and permission to let the child within play and have a bit of fun.

Participant’s leave feeling thrilled, excited and exhilarated at their creations – made with their own hands and with creativity sparked from within themselves. They often go away able to tell a new story about themselves; “Actually, I can be creative.”

Cathy’s style and approach to familiarising people with clay and what it can do, simplifying the process and then letting them feel their way, produces the magical transitions that make these workshops such special events.

Fried Mudd Brochur

Fried Mudd Pottery Workshops Brochure 1

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For more information, click here to go to the Fried Mudd website page.

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