Australia Zoo


AUSTRALIA ZOO – As wild as life gets!  Home of the Crocodile Hunter, is where you’ll experience wildlife like nowhere else in the world.  With over 1,200 animals and free interactive wildlife shows daily – from tigers to otters to koalas, and everything in between – it’s a full day of wildlife interaction!.  Don’t miss the slithering, swooping and jaw-snapping action of the Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Warriors show in the world famous Crocoseum.  We will bring you face to face with our free-flight birds, slithering snakes, and get your adrenalin pumping as you watch a massive crocodile launch a strike from the water’s edge!  Australia Zoo is your ultimate wildlife destination – so come on – go wild with us!

Australia Zoo Brochure 2

Australia Zoo Brochure 3

Australia Zoo Brochure 4

Australia Zoo Brochure 5

Australia Zoo Brochure 6

Australia Zoo Brochure 7

Australia Zoo Brochure 8

For more information, click here to go to the featured website.

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