5th Light Horse Regiment, Maleny Troop

Welcome to the Maleny Info Centre featured Community Group, as listed in Discover Our Community on the website http://maleny.qld.au/discover-community/.

5th Light Horse Regiment, Maleny Troop

5th light horse regiment

The 5th Light Horse Regiment was formed in January 1992 with seven members, consisting of four Active Members (riders) and three support members. The history of the Australian Lighthorse dates back to the 1850’s with the formation of the Clarence River Lancers in New South Wales. The horses or ‘Walers” as they were colloquially known were sturdy animals, distinctly Australian in character. They were highly regarded by troops from all nations to be tough, durable horses with remarkable stamina and the ability to carry heavy loads for long distances amidst the most adverse conditions. Their courage and loyalty were recorded in many battles and since become a colourful part of the nation’s early wartime history.

They are a group of volunteers from all walks of life who have joined to form the Australian 5th Light Horse-Maleny Troop. We are a re-enactment Troop and members of the Australian Light Horse Association. We parade and march at public events. We also train and prepare for sporting challenges.
Maleny Troop is active in the Sunshine Coast hinterland town of Maleny and consists of riding members from though out the Sunshine Coast.

Phone: 07 5499 9662

Contact via Facebook here.


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