Pioneer Village


Priscilla Cottage was the original home of the Bryce Family, early settlers in the district.  The cottage was built in 1903 and the family lived there until the 1980’s when they donated the farm to the community for the Erwol Retirement Village.  The cottages and furnishings are all original items from the family home, making this one of the few authentic displays.

The second cottage is now an Art Gallery.  Out buildings include farm machinery, a working steam engine and a black smith shop.

Bryce Lane is off McCarthy Road as you near the Maleny township from Landsborough.

Pioneer Village 1

Lawley House
This historic house was built by Sam Sallaway for Edward Lawley in the late 1890′s – early 1900 at the top of Teak Street, where Cloudwalk is today.  The land was purchased from the Thomas Dixon estate in 1890. Sometime after  Edward’s death in 1940 his second son Edgar (Walter’s Dad) sold the house and land on the southern side of North Maleny Road  to Charles H Porter.  The house was tented for many years and in 2008 was about to be demolished as part of the development.  The Society rescued the house and removed it to the Historical Village where it features as Art Gallery.

Pioneer Village 2 Lawly House

For more information, click here to go to the Maleny Pioneer Village website.


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