Maleny Lions Club

Maleny Lions Club.
Business meeting – every second Tuesday, from 6:30pm.
Dinner meeting – every forth Tuesday, from 6:30pm.
Maleny Uniting Church.

MALENY LIONS CLUB – Ordinary people doing extraordinary things – supporting people with a disability, community greening, fund-raising for worthwhile causes. Business Meetings are held every 2nd Tuesday each month at the Maleny Uniting Church, 1284-1290 Landsborough-Maleny Road, Maleny. Dinner Meetings are held every 4th Tuesday of each month at Tranquil Park, 483 Mountain View Road. For more information visit our website or phone Peter on 0434 070 232.

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Creating a Wildlife Friendly Garden

Creating a Wildlife Friendly Garden

Creating a Wildlife Friendly Garden – Workshop.
Saturday 4th of March, from 10am till 12pm.

Discover ways to increase the backyard biodiversity of your property with local native plant specialist Spencer Shaw. Explore the benefits of sharing space with wildlife.

Presenter :Spencer Shaw

Venue: Forest Heart Nursery, 20 Coral Street, Maleny

Cost: $15/person  – includes afternoon tea

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For more information, click here to go to the featured website.

Maleny Chamber of Commerce

Welcome to the Maleny Info Centre featured Community Group, as listed in Discover Our Community on the website


This weeks featured group is the Maleny Chamber of Commerce (MCC).

The MCC exists to promote, encourage, assist and protect the development of the interests of individuals engaged in free enterprise, business, the professions, tourism and industry in Maleny and district who are members of the association. We promote and assist the business sector of Maleny and district; and in particular the current membership, by providing a reference point to those who are currently involved in business or are looking to establish or relocate their business to Maleny and district.

Address: PO Box 482 Maleny Qld 4552.

Phone: 07 5499 9100.


For more information about the MCC, click here to go to the official website.

Maleny Badminton

Maleny Badminton
Every Monday, from 6:30 pm till 8:30 pm.
Main Hall,
Maleny Community Centre,
50 Bunya Street.

Badminton is held on Monday evenings at 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm in the Main Hall of the Maleny Activity Centre, 50 Bunya Street. The Club has a number of racquets for use on the night, so members of the public can just come along and play. The standard of play spans beginner to advanced, so there is every chance you will have the opportunity to play with someone of the same ability. Current players will also assist in new-comers learning the rules and techniques of the game.

Costs: Students $3.50, Adults $4, Family $10.

Contact Alice Wessling and John Mays on 0417 617 417/ 0410 069 713.

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Life in a Pouch Presentation

Life in a Pouch Presentation

Life in a Pouch Presentation.
Saturday 25th of February, from 10am.

Early life of Australian Marsupials and Echidna.

This unusual little creature on the left is a newborn Tasmanian Devil. Like all marsupials the newborn young has only sufficient development of the body and internal organs to allow crawling to the mother’s pouch, attaching to a teat and to suckle milk. All subsequent life in a pouch ensures warmth, protection, transport and nourishment. The Echidna is an extraordinary animal and the journey from egg to pouch is fascinating.Join us as Les shares his amazing knowledge of these unique animals

Presenter : Dr. Les Hall

Venue: Forest Heart Nursery, 20 Coral Street, Maleny

Cost: $15/person  – includes morning tea

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Pioneer Village


Priscilla Cottage was the original home of the Bryce Family, early settlers in the district.  The cottage was built in 1903 and the family lived there until the 1980’s when they donated the farm to the community for the Erwol Retirement Village.  The cottages and furnishings are all original items from the family home, making this one of the few authentic displays.

The second cottage is now an Art Gallery.  Out buildings include farm machinery, a working steam engine and a black smith shop.

Bryce Lane is off McCarthy Road as you near the Maleny township from Landsborough.

Pioneer Village 1

Lawley House
This historic house was built by Sam Sallaway for Edward Lawley in the late 1890′s – early 1900 at the top of Teak Street, where Cloudwalk is today.  The land was purchased from the Thomas Dixon estate in 1890. Sometime after  Edward’s death in 1940 his second son Edgar (Walter’s Dad) sold the house and land on the southern side of North Maleny Road  to Charles H Porter.  The house was tented for many years and in 2008 was about to be demolished as part of the development.  The Society rescued the house and removed it to the Historical Village where it features as Art Gallery.

Pioneer Village 2 Lawly House

For more information, click here to go to the Maleny Pioneer Village website.

Lifeline Maleny

Welcome to the Maleny Info Centre featured Community Group, as listed in Discover Our Community on the website.

This weeks featured group is the Maleny Lifeline.


Service: Charity Bin located at the Witta Recycling Centre, Goods Drop-Off (all), Shop,Volunteer Information; Goods sold/Donations accepted: Books, Clothing, Shoes, Toys, Electrical Goods, Manchester, Bric-a-brac.

Address: Rainforest Plaza, Maple Street, Maleny Qld 4552 /

Phone: 07 5499 9877 /


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