CWA Maleny

Welcome to the Maleny Info Centre featured Community Group, as listed in Discover Our Community on the website

This weeks featured group is the Maleny Country Woman’s Association.

CWA MALENY  is held at 1 Bicentenial Lane, on the first Friday of each month at 9:30 am. Welcome to the Country Women’s Association:  We aim to improve the conditions for women and children and make life better for families, especially those living in rural and remote Australia. If you are not a member but would like to consider joining us to help families in regional, rural and remote areas of Australia please contact Sara Faddy – telephone 5435 2021 or email You will find us helping people in disaster areas such as drought and floods, lobbying governments on all sorts of issues, teaching cooking and crafts, entertaining and even making scones at agricultural shows. We have residences that are used by country people to support families in hospital, provide accommodation for students or just to have a holiday. We have scholarships for all sorts of rural students from those still at school wanting to further their education to a post graduate scholarship for a rural nurse. The QCWA connects communities in matters of health, education, transport and communications and are women who care for each other and work together in a culture of friendship, advocacy and personal development. We have approximately 4500 members in our Branches and Younger Sets. For more information and to find your local branch, visit:

The CWA Charter

  • To enable the Member Associations to speak with one voice on national and international matters through the National President.
  • To represent the concerns of Member Associations to the federal Government, Non-Government Organisations (NGO’S) and other national bodies.
  • To do such lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the above aims or any one of them, as considered necessary or desirable by the required majority of Member Associations.

Contact Sara Faddy for more information on 5435 2021.

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