Local Geology Workshop

Local Geology Workshop

Venue: Forest Heart Nursery, 20 Coral Street, Maleny.

Date & Time: Friday 30th of September, from 12pm till 3pm.

Cost: $25/person  – includes morning tea.

Presenter : Warwick Willmott.

Contact Karen at education@brushturkey.com.au  for more information or for booking.

The Sunshine Coast has had a complex and often violet geological history, spanning more than 300 million years.  “Even in the last 800, 000 years, sea levels have fluctuated dramatically, resulting in major changes to the shoreline and coastal scenery. Those ancient events have determined the present rock formations, minerals, soils, topography, vegetation, and even our present use of land in the district”. (Rocks and Landscapes of the Sunshine Coast, Warwick Willmott).

Join us as Warwick shares his extensive geological knowledge of this amazing region and what lies under our feet.


Warwick’s books will be available to purchase on the day.

About the presenter:  Warwick  is a geologist who worked with the Geological Survey of Queensland in a variety of fields. He likes to being geology to the public, and has written Rocks and Landscapes guidebooks, given talks and guided public excursions.



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