The Mapleton Observatory

Mapleton Observatory

The Mapleton Observatory at the Mapleton School on Flaxton Drive.  Our experience varies from months to donkey’s years, and we have a couple of people who are taking college degrees in this subject. The one thing we all have in common is passion!  For bookings and/or enquiries about the Mapleton Observatory, please contact Lainie – telephone 07-54761183 – email

About the Mapleton Observatory Mapleton Observatory website

We hold one OPEN NIGHT each month (check their website for the next open night). There is no need to book for this night – just turn up.

Open nights start at sunset and run for a couple of hours, all for the modest cost of $5 each or $15 for a family.

We also are open for bookings. This can be for one, or for a group of 20. The fee structure is $5 per head with a minimum fee of $50. School groups are $4 a head.

The difference between open nights and booked nights is that on open nights you may only get to see a couple of night sky objects.



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