Keeping Maple Street Parking Free for Customers

Message from the Maleny Commerce re Maple Street Parking – to Maple Street Businesses.


Please keep Maple Street Parking Free for Customers. 

Maple Street is the busiest street in town and every spot is crucial in driving dollars into our town and not off down the coast where a park may be easier to find.

We do have plenty of parking on Maple, but if business owners or their staff, use these valuable spaces for the day, then Maleny loses out.

There are car parks available on Bicentenary Lane, Coral Street, Willow Lane and onsite parking areas.

Maple Street is a 2 hour maximum parking zone, but when staff and owners of businesses use Maple Street Parking for themselves for the day, that’s one less spot a customer can use.

For example if a parking spot is used by customers for on average half an hour, then one parking spot taken by staff or owners is going to lose up to 17 customers over an 8.5 hour day!  This drives business out of town.  So make it your priority for Customer Only Parking on Maple Street.

“Customer Only Parking on Maple Street is Good for Business”



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