Andrew Powell’s Road Campaign

Andrew Powell’s Road Campaign :  Annual Walk, Friday 20th May 2016.  

Maleny-Kenilworth Road needs urgent attention!  Join Andrew and show your support in walking the 38 km journey.  

Andrew Powell - Annual Walk

Message from Andrew Powell – “There has been a lot of talk in our community recently regarding works to fix the deteriorating state of the Maleny-Kenilworth Road, particularly the section from Cambroon to Kenilworth.  I have been very clear that I feel the current state is inexcusable and unacceptable and due to my recent lobbying on behalf of our community, I was able to mobilise  Department of Transport & Main Roads (TMR)‘ crews to start urgent works to address potholes and uneven road surfaces ahead of the busy Easter weekend.

Many of you would be familiar with my annual walk along this stretch of road – some have even called it a political stunt.  And you know what, they are right, and I make no apologies for that.  This walk is my way of showing the community and the government of the day, regardless of which political persuasion, I have not given up the fight to fix the road.  It provides me with the fuel to show TMR that I will stop at nothing to get a funding commitment from them to fix the road once and for all.

Now that more than $20 million has been spent to fix the landslips and replace Grigor Bridge after flooding events, I have renewed my demands to TMR and the Minister to prioritise funding for the rest of the road to ensure the ongoing safety of our community.”

If you would like to join Andrew – call or email the office and they will keep you informed on the timeline.


Technical Tutorials

Technical Tutorials.
Every Thursday, starting from 2:00 pm till 3:00 pm.
Located at the Beerwah Library, 25 Peachester Road, Beerwah.

Personalised computer help – one on one sessions. One hour of personalised computer tutoring. Volunteers offer a wide range of skills and knowledge to help you with your computer needs.

Beerwah Library, 25 Peachester Road.

Phone: 1300 542 727.

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Our Mountain Home – Sunshine Coast Hinterland Artists

Our Mountain Home – Sunshine Coast Hinterland Artists : is a showcase of works presented for your enjoyment and pleasure by thirteen Sunshine Coast Hinterland artists.

The Launch will be held at 10 am 2nd April 2016 at The Hub Gallery – Caboolture Regional Gallery, 4 Hasking Street, Caboolture.  Opening Hours:  Monday to Friday: 9 am – 4 pm, Saturday: 9 am – 3 pm.Arts Connect Logo

Works exhibited are from a range of disciplines and will bring the unique feel of the artist’s environment in the Glasshouse Mountains to our regional neighbours.

Works will be exhibited from Wednesday 30th March to Saturday 23rd April 2016.

Proudly supported by the Moreton Bay Regional Council.


Art Classes

Art Classes.
Every Thursday, starting from 9:15 am till 12:15 pm.
Located at the Sanzeo Art School, Cedar Street, Maleny.

Sanzeo Art School, Cedar Street, Maleny. A tutored class giving the principals and techniques to enable you to grow as an artist. Our tutors have 40+ years experience and can accommodate beginners to advanced in an informal relaxed atmosphere. Includes: Oils, Acrylic, Pastel, Gouache, Pencil, Watercolour & Drawing from the right side of the brain.

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Keeping Maple Street Parking Free for Customers

Message from the Maleny Commerce re Maple Street Parking – to Maple Street Businesses.


Please keep Maple Street Parking Free for Customers. 

Maple Street is the busiest street in town and every spot is crucial in driving dollars into our town and not off down the coast where a park may be easier to find.

We do have plenty of parking on Maple, but if business owners or their staff, use these valuable spaces for the day, then Maleny loses out.

There are car parks available on Bicentenary Lane, Coral Street, Willow Lane and onsite parking areas.

Maple Street is a 2 hour maximum parking zone, but when staff and owners of businesses use Maple Street Parking for themselves for the day, that’s one less spot a customer can use.

For example if a parking spot is used by customers for on average half an hour, then one parking spot taken by staff or owners is going to lose up to 17 customers over an 8.5 hour day!  This drives business out of town.  So make it your priority for Customer Only Parking on Maple Street.

“Customer Only Parking on Maple Street is Good for Business”


Harmony Day in Maleny 2016 : Harmony Day is being celebrated all over Australia on Monday 21st March 2016.

Harmony Day - Everyone Belongs

Students from Maleny Primary School and the River School are learning their songs for the Harmony Day community performance.

With the help of Sweet Chilli choir members, Stephanie Arlidge and Lisa McDonald, they are practicing three songs;  one from Kenya;  another incorporating four prayers in different languages, and John Lennon’s song “Imagine” which will take your breath away.

The performances will begin at the Maleny Library at 10:45 am, then outside the Maleny Community Centre and conclude at The Maleny Neighbourhood Centre.  We welcome the people of Maleny to come along and enjoy the performances.

The students from both schools will be involved in creating artwork for an exhibition in the town library.

An annual ‘free dress’ day will be held and gold coin contribution will be donated to BUDDIES, a local organisation that supports refugees and people seeking asylum.

The students from both schools will be creating their own special message to add to our Community Heart, showing diversity is our strength because together we can change the world.

King Ludwigs of Maleny : OPEN AGAIN

OPEN AGAIN :  King Ludwigs in Maleny –  German Restaurant,  Weddings & Accommodation.  The owners took a Gap year in 2015 and are now back-in business.

For details check out their web:    King Ludwigs website

King Ludwigs Award Winning Dining
401 Mountain View Road, Maleny Qld 4552
Blackall Range Tourist Drive #23

Telephone : (07) 5499 9377

Opening times :
From 10 am Wednesday – Sunday for lunch
Friday and Saturday for dinner

Booking reservations highly recommended
Group bookings welcome
Childrens menu available.

Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve


Welcome …. to the natural jewel of the Sunshine Coast hinterland.  Mary Cairncross Scenic reserve comprises hectares of subtropical rainforest, overlooking the Glass House Mountains National Landscape.  A remnant of the rainforests that once covered the Blackall Range, the Reserve is a living museum of diverse plant and animal life which will delight with its tranquillity and beauty.   Take a journey through 144 million years in the Rainforests Through Time diorama, walk a long our rainforest tracks, enjoy a picnic or barbecue, or relax at the cafe.

FLORA:  The Reserve is a rich remnant of subtropical rainforest which once covered much of the Blackall Range.  Plant diversity has changed little despite some logging for the prized red cedar early last century.

Home to an impressive range of flora – more than 100 tree species have been recorded in the rainforest.  These include red cedar, black bean, and towering strangler fig trees, many covered with vines.

Piccabeen palms dominate in wet areas while the understory features a diverse array of shrubs, herbs, palm lillies, ferns, orchids and palms.  Fungi, lichens and mosses decorate decaying wood on the forest floor.

The rainforest contain two wetland areas and a remnant of ecotonal forest, indicative of a drier past.  A number of old flooded gums survive from this era.

FAUNA:  A diverse range of wildlife thrives in the Reserve.  More than 100 bird species are found including the paradise riflebird, regent bowerbird and noisy pitta.  The critically endangered Coxen’s fig parrot was also reported.  There are also many mammals and nocturnal marsupials including sugar gliders, red-legged pademelons and echidnas.  Carpet pythons, southern angle-headed dragons and green tree snakes are among the many reptiles in this sanctuary.

A colony of rare mountain freshwater crayfish (Euastacus urospinosus), only found in the Blackall and Conondale Ranges, live in burrows in the muddy creek bank.  The diverse insect life includes the beautiful Richmond birdwing butterfly and the endangered Southern pink underwing moth.  Spot the burrows of the giant earthworm by the supply of leaves protruding from the entrance, while the hinged door of the primitive trapdoor spider can also be found among tree roots.

After spring and summer rains, the calls of the great barred frog, striped marsh frog and the red-eyed tree frog can be heard.

(Click brochure below to open).

Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve Brochure 1

Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve Brochure 2

For more information, click here to go to the featured website.

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Maleny Arts and Crafts Gift Gallery

Welcome to the Maleny Info Centre featured Community Group, as listed in Discover Our Community on the website.

This weeks featured group is the Maleny Arts and Crafts Group (MACG) Gift Gallery.


Call in and be delighted by the range and superb quality of our gift and domestic ware (opposite the Maleny Visitor Information Centre). All items are original and handcrafted by dedicated local artisans. gallery open most days from 9 am to 4 pm. MACG has been promoting arts and crafts int he Maleny District for 35 years and currently boasts a membership of over 200 artisans.

Address: 50 Maple Street, Maleny Qld 4552 /

Phone: 07 5494 2882 /


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