Fundraising for ‘Glenferna’ – at Maleny

We need your help for us to save ‘Glenferna’

The Maleny Historical Society needs your help to save ‘Glenferna‘, a local farmhouse that was built just after the end of the 19th century. They are fundraising to move this beautiful old house from its present situation at 1010 Maleny Landsborough Road, just a couple of kilometres down the road to the Maleny Historical grounds and are asking for donations.  It is a huge project for a small but dedicated band of Volunteers – so if you can help please either:

  • Email to advising that you wish to give a cash donation  or
  • Make a cheque payable to – Maleny History Preservation & Restoration Society Inc. or
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to:
    • BSB 124 156
    • Account Number 100020620
    • Amount $
    • Subject: Glenferna

Note:   Donations over $100 will be recognised.  Please send your name, address, and email with the total amount donated.  Please indicate if you don’t want your name publicised.

Glenferna Garage

About Glenferna:   at 1010 Maleny/Landsborough Rd, was built as a farmhouse by Edward Thynne on land purchased from Isaac Burgess in 1902.  It was registered as a Receiving Office for Mail from 1904 – 1912.  Edward Thynne sold the property in 1912 and several dairy farmers lived there until it became a Mater Art Union Prize Farm in 1976.  The winner tenanted the farm & house for years; Glenferna has been home to many families over the decades.

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