Digi-Volunteers needed Urgently

Do you have a few hours spare each week for the next 3 months?  Do you enjoy working on computers or do you love reading the local newspapers and magazines?  The Maleny Visitor Information Centre (MVIC) urgently needs at least two (2) Digi-Volunteers and an On-line Event Researcher for its Comprehensive Events Calendar. Working times are very flexible.

Digi-Vollies work from home (they don’t work in the MVIC Shop).  They receive training and online access.  Two of our Digi-Vollies (from a team of 4)  have just advised that they have returned to full time employment and that spare time might be rare for a while.

The new role of On-line Event Researcher has come about because we still need to find the events in the region.  Many promoters do email us which helps enormously but it would make the job that much easier if one person could check various event calendars (online, hard copy posters and as listed in the full range of newspapers and magazines on the Hinterland) and list any that we have not picked up on.

We are only asking for 3 months effort at this point as other MVIC Volunteer members are away during this period.  Knowing this work is done for the locals and the tourists would take a lot of angst off the MVIC Web Team.  We are also a registered with Centrelink.

If interested please contact Valerie on
0427 75 054 or Email mangojones@bigpond.com

MVIC Vollies group photo


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