Neurum Creek Music Festival 2015 – The Shanty Session

09The Shanty Session

The Shanty Session:  For the last few years, Neurum Creek has hosted Shanty Singing Workshops.  Well enough of workshops – time to put it on stage.  So come along and join Poop-deck Mickey, Peg-Leg Kate, Shanty Man Badger, Nimbin the Cabin Boy and Captain Looking Good in strong voice and good cheer, to sing Shanties and Songs of the Sea.

The Neurum Creek Music Festival is a local acoustic music camping weekend held at Neurum Creek Bush Retreat, Rasmussen Road, Neurum Qld in September each year.  The 2015 festival will be held on the weekend of the 11th, 12th, and 13th September.  This year there are 30 artists.

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