Neurum Creek Music Festival 2015 – Michele Govan and Ryk Rostron

05Michele Govan and Ryk Rostron

Michele Govan and Ryk Rostron:  Countless mispent hours playing together from bleary bars to backyard beers amount to something. It’s all folk music when played by these friends: Ryk’s originals, folky covers both famous and obscure, and favourite tunes fancy and fine. After a character building eon with The Rogues, Ryk went on to dillydally with the likes of the Pirate Brides and Michele to wrestle those tunes, Irish and otherwise, in various guises.

The Neurum Creek Music Festival is a local acoustic music camping weekend held at Neurum Creek Bush Retreat, Rasmussen Road, Neurum Qld in September each year.  The 2015 festival will be held on the weekend of the 11th, 12th, and 13th September.  This year there are 30 artists.

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