Maleny Music Festival – The Goodwills

The Goodwills 3

The Goodwills :  Bob and Laurel Wilson are a veteran folk duo who have been singing together for more than 30 years. In recent years, they have become known to a wider audience through radio play of Bob’s original songs like ‘Big Country Town’, ‘Underneath the Story Bridge’ and ‘Courting the Net’.  They are featured at the Maleny Music Festival 2015, at the Maleny Showgrounds on Saturday 29 August  at 12:30 pm on the Obi Obi Green with guest musicians Steve Cook and Robyn Foley.

Bob is an award-winning songwriter who plays six-string and 12-string guitar and harmonicas. He either sings lead or provides tenor harmonies to Laurel’s lead vocals. Laurel has a five-octave vocal range, which allows the duo to explore the depths of harmony and melody.  To know more about this talented duo check out The Goodwills

 Maleny Info Centre event link

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