The Nightingale – family film at Maleny

Film - The Nightingale

The Nightingale:  Saturday 18th July @ 7:15 pm – Maleny Film Society Current Program – Maleny Community Hall, Maple Street, Maleny.  Tickets at the door for the general public.  Maleny Film Society members tickets available at the Maleny Visitor Information Centre and online.


China/FR (subtitles) – drama/family – G – 100 mins

Charmingly unaffected odd-couple road movie with an old man and his spoilt granddaughter. A remake of his decade old classic Le Papillon, Director Phillip Muyl swaps the spectacular French scenery for the hilly verdant countryside of southern China and conjures the same magic and natural charm of the original in a richer, less schematic remake. Hoping to spend his dying days in his home village, the old man takes with him his ageing nightingale and his urban, gadget loving granddaughter who is traveling her own journey through her parents’ divorce. With unexpected forks in the road, this movie is a gentle exploration into the hero’s journey from the known into the unknown, and the return to a sense of place.


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