Readings for Healing with Gai Christine

Readings for Healing Gai Christine

Readings for Healing with Gai Christine 

  • Channelled Healing – A spiritually guided healing & clearing is inclusive to these sessions allowing one to tap into personal potential in love, career, health or adventure.
  • Psychic Tarot Reading – Highlights where you are at & where you are going, messages from spirit to enhance awareness & direction.
  • Liquid Mineral Remedies – This complimentary Remedy is a vibrational healing tool great for: Stress release, healing past hurts, draw in love, encourage self-belief plus so much more…. prescribed & programmed personally for YOU.

Booking available by appointment, at the Lift Gallery, Maleny-Montville Road.

Phone: 0423 505 662

Readings for Healing with Gai Christine website

TESTIMONIAL:  “Gai is a wonderful Healer & Medium, She works with vibration, light beings and shows deep insight for the client.  Every word she was channeling was full of Love – perfectly resonating in the deepest part of me. Every drop of her perfectly mixed ‘potion’ that I take each day, is bliss in my body, mind and soul. Everything seems to fall into place – beyond description. The shift in me has been the deepest I have ever had.  I can’t wait to see her again.”  Love Birgit :o)


This blog is about one of the Partners of the Maleny Visitor Information Centre, from our Local Business / Wellbeing category – Contact Email  

Readings for Healing  Readings for Healing medicine bottle Readings for Healing - Brochure


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